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Carmen & Renee Gabriele

Senior Pastors

Married in 1976 to my wife Renee Gabriele we have 3 beautiful children; Carmen Michael Gabriele, Cheri’ Renee’ Gabriele, & Christian Michael Gabriele. We are blessed with 4 grandchildren ; parented by Pastor Aaron & Cheri’ Buzzetta; Ashton, Isabella, Giada, Olivia Buzzetta


Pastor Carmen received his Batchelor of Science in Theology degree from Bethany Bible College. Together we have served in Pastoral ministries for 38 years.


Our vision for New Life Fellowship is that we can be an example of true devotion to our loving Savior. Share the message of good news, preach and live a uncompromising gospel and share what our Lord has done for us and how he can change your life as well. 


Some of our hobbies are outdoor sports, such as skiing, weight boarding. We have a love for gardening, and horses Our biggest hobby is our grandchildren! We love to gather and fellowship with friends and family. Over a nice cup of coffee or a BBQ 

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Aaron & Cheri Buzzetta

Associate Pastors

Associate Pastor Aaron Buzzetta, a long time and well known resident of Hollister, graduated from San Benito High School. He married the love of his life a beautiful local gal “Cheri “in March 2002.

Now the lovely couple are parents of 4 children. Ashton, 14 Isabella, 12 Giada, 7 & Olivia 4. Both Aaron and Cheri’ came from a background of Christianity, also holding secondarily jobs Aaron a project superintendent in the Bay Area, and Cheri is a local Hygienist. The family is very active in the community.

Aaron and family are committed to their service unto the Lord at New life Fellowship as well as they are in their personal relationship with Jesus.
Aaron brings forth a passionate message that makes it easily to understand. We personally welcome you to come join us as we all strive to learn and grow in what Gods best is for our lives.

Ramona Trevino

Pastor of Evangelism


Pastor of Evangelism Ramona Trevino, also known as author I.M.Dauntless is a woman of God with a testimony for many who may be curious about their purpose in life.  She is an Education Specialist in her 19th year of teaching, a licensed Pastor with New Life Fellowship in Hollister, as well as an author of two books, she also is the host of her Blossom of my Life Christian Radio with listeners in over 13 states. Ramona is involved in ministry within her small city of Hollister.  She is partnering with others in a project called “Canopy of Prayer” in which they are working on bringing together the community with a central website and meetings with local intercessors from other congregations to bring prayer into the community.


Through many years of depression, suicide attempts and searching how to get closer to God, she realized she was suffering from PTSD from past sexual crimes of which she had suppressed since childhood.  Ramona now realizes that even when she thought she was alone, God was always waiting for her to call out to Him. After years of searching, and time to allow our Savior to heal, her from the inside out, she now lives her life speaking life into others.


Being as transparent as others will allow, she shares her story with anyone who will listen.  Ramona enjoys talking about God’s goodness and sharing anything she can share. Ramona is a mother of two adult daughters and 4 grandchildren. Ramona enjoys ministering to others, reading, teaching and relaxing on vacations when able.


Her books “Free at Last the Struggle to be Good Enough,” “Blossoms of my Life” and "Holy Spirit I Met You Here" are available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in English and in Spanish. You can also listen to her recorded shows on her website